Ditch Your Diagnosis

The team at Secoya Health
Transform your life by switching to a holistic healthcare paradigm that will help you heal.

The team at Secoya Health provides a unique model in holistic healthcare that gets to the root cause of illness and suffering. Dr. Daniel Schilling, D.C., founder of Secoya Health, is a holistic clinician whose expertise and treatments are beyond traditional chiropractic adjustments. Like the giant Sequoia Redwood trees that inspired the clinic’s name, Schilling wants participants to grow into the greatest expression of themselves, and in the process, shed any limiting beliefs, toxins, lifestyle choices and stress patterns that may be inhibiting individual potential.

Dr. Schilling says, “Our job is to help people understand what environmental factors are causing stress and help them to manage that and return to a point where they aren’t limited by their environment. It takes work, but we aspire to end needless suffering and help people create abundance in their lives so they can live the life of their dreams.” This is accomplished without drugs or surgery utilizing advanced technology and holistic healthcare techniques that unlock a person’s innate potential for healing.

The full range of services at Secoya Health address the body’s structural/physical components as well as mental/emotional conditions through neural muscular work and a brain-based wellness approach. “When you can alleviate mental and emotional angst and focus attention on healing and disease prevention, the subconscious brain can be reconditioned to unhitch the stress response to stressful events,” says Dr. Schilling. “We want people to aspire to taking a leadership role in their lives, to be proactive versus waiting for disease to happen before taking action,” noting that in the absence of physical trauma, stress and negative emotions cause the body to breakdown on the inside before the outside.

Don’t stay stuck in needless suffering. This welcoming, compassionate and non-judgmental local team can provide personalized treatment plans that get participants excited and empowered, and most importantly, get real results. 

Secoya Health
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