Goodbye Boring Holiday Sweaters

Rachel Gutierrez shows off a red dress and black shawl.
We spoke with the people at Frank Murphy to learn more about the perfect brand for the holiday season.
Rachel Gutierrez shows off some of the looks found at Frank Murphy.

The holiday season should be about relaxing with family and friends, enjoying some great food and drink by the fireplace and listening to festive music. The one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is what you’re going to wear. This is where the people of Frank Murphy Fashions can help you. “We’ve got both the formal wear and the sportswear,” buyer Alexandra Schmalzer says. “Half of the store is very special occasion. We do a lot of bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride, even grandmother of the bride.”

When it comes to the holiday season, Frank Murphy will help you find what you’re looking for—whether that’s a formal dress or casual sweater. Schmalzer recommends the Joseph Ribkoff brand for its wonderful variety. “They do a lot of black,” Schmalzer says. “A lot of very safe colors and styles. But then, they do totally go with the trends. It’s classic with a trendy vibe. Everything has a clean look.”

Schmalzer says the Ribkoff line can fit any age or size. “I’m in my 20s and I wear a bunch of Ribkoff,” Schmalzer says. “It’s great for that younger career woman, but then it also goes all the way up. We have every generation that shops Ribkoff. It’s our number one seller.” Their sizes go from 2–22, and Schmalzer says everyone will feel comfortable in Ribkoff’s fabrics. “A lot of their fabrics are actually inspired by active-wear,” Schmalzer says. “They’re really comfortable. They’re wrinkle-resistant, so you can travel with them. They really don’t get too hot or cold. There are a lot of the silky knits.” They also do alterations for their customers, so it really is the perfect fit. “It’s rewarding for me to see how beautiful women feel in Ribkoff’s fabrics,” professional tailor Holly Barr says. “They are comfortable, high quality knits with a lot of substance, which also makes them great to alter.”

Rachel Gutierrez

Ribkoff is especially great for the holiday season. “Their colors are beautiful. Their lipstick red color is perfect for anything holiday,” Schmalzer says. “They do some faux fur which is really nicely done.” One of Schmalzer’s favorite things about the Ribkoff line is that after you’re done wearing it for that formal Christmas party, you can reuse it with something more casual. Sales associate Diana Horvath says her favorite holiday piece is Ribkoff’s Ruffle Top. “It can be paired with a dressy skirt or dressed down with a pair of jeans,” Horvath says.

This year, Schmalzer says to be on the lookout for pearls. “Ribkoff did many pieces, casual all the way to formal, with pearls on them,” Schmalzer says. “So you’re going to see pearls on pants, dresses. Pearls are everywhere.” She also says the classic bell sleeve isn’t going anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for something formal for a holiday party or a nice, comfortable sweater to wear while you open presents, Ribkoff’s line at Frank Murphy Fashions will have what you need and you’re bound to feel good about how you look. “My favorite is being able to help a customer really feel good about their wardrobe every day,” says Schmalzer.

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