How to Prepare for Holiday Houseguests

Guest bedroom.

Hosting friends and family over the holidays is a time for celebration. Still, preparing to host can often feel daunting, so we have some ideas to bring warmth and joy to your guest room this season.

Declutter, Clean and Declutter Again

Having a guest bedroom is always a perk, but, if it doesn’t get used often, clutter can pile up quickly. Clear out any unnecessary items for your visitors and make space for them to put their own things. When
in doubt, move it out!

Follow your Style

Check that your guest room still follows your style. It might be for visitors, but it is still your home, so pick out bedding that makes you happy and fits in with the rest of your house. If you are decorating your home interior for the holidays, don’t forget to throw some fun and festive décor in there as well. Just add your own flair and have fun with it!

Cozy and Comfortable 

Give your guests the comfort of being at a home away from home by making the space cozy. A coffee bar can be placed atop a dresser or extra table. Make sure to add different textures into the space with a fun rug or
a basket for extra towels and blankets. And if your room has a lot of light, install curtains so your guests can sleep in if they choose.

At the end of the day, hosting doesn’t have to be stressful. Just remember to make it fun and enjoy the time with those you love.

Christina Miller is the founder and owner of Christina Lynn Interiors, a boutique interior design studio based in White Bear Lake.