September Book Reccommendations

Check out these fall reads for kids, teens and adults!

Adult Choice
Carol Jackson, manager of the Ramsey County Library in Shoreview, offers a suggestion for a good read for adults.

In a long-awaited sequel to Dear Committee Members, Julie Schumacher’s Thurber Prize–winning novel ,The Shakespeare Requirement takes readers back to protagonist Jason Fitger’s life as he deals with personal and institutional problems as the newly appointed chair of the English Department at Payne University.

This academic satire makes for a perfect back-to-school read as departments go head-to-head and secrets pile up.

Teen Choice
Ann Wahlstrom, children’s librarian for White Bear Lake, offers a book suggestion for teens.

Code Name Verity, by Elizabeth Wein is a story that shows just how far friends will go to save each other amidst failure, danger and desperation.

As a British spy in 1943 whose plane crashes in Nazi-occupied France, Verity finds herself facing a tough decision. She leaves her friend and fellow spy who barely stands a chance to survive the wreckage. Now, after she’s captured by the Gestapo, she has to choose between divulging her mission and death.

“It’s great for a literary escape as schoolwork starts to ramp up this month,” Ann Wahlstrom, says.

Kids Choice
Ann Wahlstrom offers another book pick: This time a suggestion for a good read for kids.

In her emotion-packed novel, Fish in a Tree, Lynda Mullaly Hunt offers hope for kids struggling with academics and highlights unconventional brilliance. Using troublemaker behavior, Ally conceals her inability to read at each new school she attends. However, her most recent teacher sees right through her act, helping her grow confidence in herself and learn that dyslexia isn’t anything to be ashamed of.