Changing the World, One Drop at a Time

H20 for Life Partners with area and nationwide schools

I met with Gary Woeltge, Steve Hall and Nick Coughlin, employees at H20 for Life, last October and immediately fell in love with their organization. I, as well as others I assume, so often search for ways that we can help a worthy cause.

Through photographs and letters, classes learn of the impact they have on a school in a developing country. The organization encourages teachers to apply their teachings and support a good cause siumltaneously through lesson plans and fundraising initiatives. Whether your class raises $100 or $10,000, every bit counts towards H20 for Life's goal: creating and sustaining water, sanitation and hygiene projects worldwide. After talking with the non-profit's founder Patty Hall, I learned that determination and an inspiring story can push a leader anywhere.

To learn more on H20 for Life's founding, inspiration and efforts, glance through the February issue of White Bear Lake Magazine. Whether you are a teacher, student, parent, aunt or uncle, to begin an H20 for Life project at your school, visit