A Q+A with One of White Bear Lake's Best Interior Designers

A room designed by Christina Lynn Interiors
Christina Lynn Interiors was a runner-up for Best Interior Designer in the Best of White Bear Lake 2020.

Our homes are our havens—and never more so than in these last months. We chatted with Christina Miller, owner of Christina Lynn Interiors, to impart some of her wisdom on trends she’s seeing and what we can do to make our home the place where we long to linger.

Christina Lynn Interiors

What interior design trends are you seeing? 
We are seeing soft wood tones brought together with light muted colors. The trend is going from modern farmhouse to modern Scandinavian, which brings simple lines and accents with layered texture and lots of warm, natural woods. 
What are a few easy ways to incorporate these trends into our homes?
This is a minimalist look, so remove all clutter and unnecessary accessories. Add layered texture by getting new natural throw pillows with plenty of texture, and instead of large overstuffed furniture, opt for simple pieces with clean lines.
What is your philosophy of creating a beautiful home?
I believe a home needs to be a place to retreat from the world—a place to relax, grow and enjoy being with friends and family. A home should be an expression of who we are in it, and function for all of our unique needs. It is worth investing in for yourself and for your family and will be something you can enjoy daily—and if it is done right, it is something that lasts many years down the road. And that’s why it’s important to hire the right team of people to assist you.