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Buttery Bites

Dueling Grandmas Shortbread

Cookies and grandmas. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, and cake and ice cream. So when lifelong foodie Ken Velky was itching to ditch his desk job and get back into the food biz, he started toying with mass producing his Grandma MacKenzie’s shortbread cookie recipe, a treat that had always been a family favorite. Read more about Buttery Bites


Where Cool Meets Comfortable

Nostalgia-inducing Father’s Day gift ideas from The Minnesotan. 

Honoring those memorable moments and time-honored traditions are the backbone of The Minnesotan. And this Father’s Day you can get dad a gift that really hits home. The store prides itself in bringing customers back to their good ol’ days, whether that be memories of a family trip to the lake or grabbing a drink at their favorite watering hole.  Read more about Where Cool Meets Comfortable

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