Virtually Perfect Home-Staging

New business offers unique home-staging technology.
A home that has been virtually staged by Ilaria Barion.

Utilizing a warehouse containing nearly 900 pieces of furniture, Mahtomedi resident Ilaria Barion began her home staging endeavors in 2005 in New York City. This meant moving each piece she wanted to use possibly across town, up flights of stairs, through hallways and past myriad other challenges. The results were fantastic, sure, but what if she could avoid all of the trouble that came with actually staging a home?  

In 2010, Barion started Virtual Staging, and moved here in 2013. By staging homes of any type virtually, clients get their results faster (with a three-day guarantee), easier (just a click away) and cheaper (the cost of moving furniture is eliminated, and new clients get 15 percent off). Staging virtually also allows the stager to change landscaping, fixtures, paint colors and layout designs that would be untouched by traditional staging techniques.

“It’s the new way of doing staging,” says Barion. Virtual Staging caters primarily to real estate agents who want to show buyers the potential a property possesses, and Barion says her clients have reported this type of staging “helps immensely.”