White Bear Lake's Best Remodeler Says Communication is Key

A bathroom remodeled by Bald Eagle Construction, voted Best Remodeler in the Best of White Bear Lake 2019 readers' choice survey.
Bald Eagle Construction owner Ryan Schuette shares remodeling tips.

Remodeling—the word itself can sound daunting, but the process doesn’t have to be. Ryan Schuette, owner of Bald Eagle Construction, wants to make the process as efficient and painless as possible for his customers. Schuette shares some tips with us.

Schuette says that the best way to ensure everything goes according to plan is to have open communication at all times between the contractor and the homeowner—that way no one is caught off guard. Schuette says he talks by phone with those clients who prefer more personal communication, while some prefer to use an online format like Google Pages to view updates. Before starting the remodel, Schuette recommends that the homeowners have a clear vision and plan as much as possible so they get exactly what they want with their new space. He suggests using websites like Pinterest and Houzz to find inspiration as well as keep all of your ideas in one space.

Schuette says the most important part is mapping out a budget ahead of time. “Every project is different, and we cater to what the homeowner is comfortable with,” says Schuette.

When remodeling, start with thinking about why you are changing the space and what needs does the space have to fill, like making room for a growing family, updating your home’s look or renovations in preparation to sell your home, says Schuette.