White Bear Center for the Arts Hosts an International Plein Air Contest

New Possibilities

While the White Bear Center for the Arts (WBCA) building was closed during the pandemic, its operations were definitely not. As the building experienced a transformation—with the construction of two new galleries, a spacious atrium and charming retail space—WBCA stepped into virtual programs and events. The gallery was able to reach new people and places all over the world as a result.

The Into Nature: International Plein Air Contest was one of the amazing new events to come out of the pandemic. WBCA was able to connect online with some of the best plein air painters in the world, as well as new upcoming artists right in our backyard. You’re probably not surprised by how much talent is right here in the Midwest.

Last year we met an amazing painter, Spencer Meagher from Illinois, who won an award for Best Acrylic/Oil Painting. His work is exquisite. The expertise displayed in his painting Femme Osage Morning could only come from the confidence and maturity of someone with his level of ability.

Meagher will be one of the judges of this year’s Plein Air Contest, which will take place at various locations around the community and culminate on June 19 at WBCA with a celebration of the work and awards. Meagher will also teach a workshop that week.

Danielle Cezanne is the gallery director at White Bear Center for the Arts. Learn more at whitebeararts.org.