Piano teacher Elizabeth Evans Richter would not be the person nor musician she is today without her late grandmother Evelyn, who set up Richter’s first piano lesson with a kind-hearted neighborhood teacher when Richter was 9 years ol

This June, in Benasque, Spain, piano students and faculty gathered—from Russia, Japan, China, Mongolia and Dellwood, Minnesota. “It’s a magical place,” says piano teacher Reid Smith as he describes the 13th- century mountain town.

When Amy Woodford Honmyhr and Allyssa Woodford Hughes look through their camera lens, they look for more than flattering angles and forgiving light.

The earliest labyrinths, dating back 4,000 years or more, were symbols in rock carvings. Unlike mazes with multiple paths and dead ends, labyrinths consist of one path from beginning to end.

The average child does a lot of doodling and drawing in elementary school. But not every child grows up to continue drawing, let alone drawing murals 30 feet long. Tom Stewart, however, did just that.

Inspiration Performing Arts Center is celebrating its 10th season this year. Offering an uplifting space for students to be inspired by the arts, its focus is as creative as it is encouraging.

Among the many frequent strollers around White Bear Lake, Ignacio “Nachito” Herrera and his wife, Aurora, enjoy the lake for a unique reason: looking at the water evokes pleasant memories of their Cuban homeland.

At a kitchen table in White Bear Township 22 years ago, Roseann Kermes created her business.

Directed by Gorden Hedahl, Noises Off, a comical play staged at Lakeshore Players Theatre, is a fun, backstage farce.

In 1990, Ellen Bruner, president of the Wildwood Artist Series, set out to use Mahtomedi’s fine arts center as a space to share the performing arts with the entire community.