Dave Simmons got the idea for his Sacred Lotus Acupuncture Clinic after he saw how acupuncture helped his mother, who was suffering from chronic nerve pain after reconstructive surgery from breast cancer.

Sometimes our lives just need a little refocusing. Karen Carr, who began her career as a life coach in 2001 to help guide those in times of transition, shares a few tips to make 2015 a great year:

In traditional marriage vows, there is typically a line about “in sickness and in health,” along with “until death do us part.” But what if you could actually help your significant other through sickness to health? What if death didn’t part you so soon?

You don’t always have to have a night out on the town, standing in line at some large commercial venue, to see a great concert. Turns out you have the same option right around the corner.

In 1946, golf pro Sam Emerson rebelled and defied his parent’s wishes. He caddied for the first time in his hometown, the one job they told him he couldn’t seek out. That first day he brought home $8.50—more than his mom made in two days’ work—and they allowed him to continue.

Jason McEwen and his wife, Rachel Greene, in their White Bear Lake clinic.

In a time of short attention spans and countless distractions, Jason McEwen is preaching a unique message: slow down and live intentionally. In other words, put down your iPhone or other device and live fully—even the painful or uncomfortable parts.

After a successful first summer, the “Willow Walkers” will be taking another lap.

Betsey Degree is a suburban wife and mother. She has four children, two dogs, and a tortoise. She is also a recovering addict and alcoholic who publicly shares her daily struggles and triumphs on her aptly titled blog, Mom off Meth.

Boxer Flavio Becerra has been perfecting his craft even more since we checked in with him last March, and he’s got a one-two punch plan to make it to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. But first he has to turn 19, which is the qualifying age.

Massage has skyrocketed in popularity in the past two decades. National Institutes of Health studies, among others, indicate massage can have a dramatic positive impact on physical and mental well-being. And in February, it’s more important than ever.